Hiring a Towing Company After a Breakdown

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Towing Services for Large Vehicles
July 30, 2019

Hiring a Heavy-Duty Towing Company After a Breakdown

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road due to an auto accident, breakdown, slide-off, or engine trouble, it’s important to find a qualified heavy-duty towing company in your area.  Big rigs and fleet vehicles require equipment from a company specialized in towing heavy vehicles.  Ease the stress when searching for a towing service by performing research on the towing companies in your area. Not only will it help you get the most out of your towing service, but you’ll also get back on the road more quickly.

Prepare by researching a towing company

Before your trip, take the time to research the reputation of towing companies on your route.  Especially if you may experience hazardous road conditions such as snow or rain.  Call around, ask for pricing, and find out which companies accept credit cards. After a little bit of research, select a reliable service with a good reputation and keep their contact information handy.

Identifying a Reputable Towing Company

Don’t just trust any towing service.  A reliable towing company should display its federal Department of Transportation ID number and any other certifications.  While this may not be a requirement in every state, it is often required for heavy-duty towing services. UDOT provides a list of all the driver and towing service requirements for the state of Utah. Always check for these and other license numbers to reduce your liability. Typically, they will indicate the company is insured to tow your vehicle should anything happen during the towing process.

Additional ways to reduce liability include:

  • Taking photos of your vehicle condition prior to towing
  • Sign any paperwork near the total price to reduce the chances of extra charges
  • Request a receipt for your records
  • Find out if your insurance will cover the towing costs

Hiring Bullocks Towing for your Heavy-Duty Towing in Utah

Our trucks are state of the art with damage-free under lifts to ensure we tow your vehicle promptly, safely, and courteously. Bullock’s Towing is licensed and inspected above state requirements, offering the best in the transportation field. Our drivers are Class A Commercial Drivers with Wreckmaster training. Request more information by contacting us at  (801) 531-9256.

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