Towing Services for Large Vehicles

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June 27, 2019
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August 9, 2019

If you are driving a semi tractor-trailer, a bus, or straight trucks and need your vehicle towed due to an accident or breakdown, Bullock’s Towing has you covered. We offer heavy duty towing services for large vehicles. Our professionals have all the tools needed to prevent any further damage. Additionally, we want to quickly help you get out of any bind that you find yourself in with these vehicles. We know that a breakdown is stressful thing to deal.

Semi tractor-trailers

Our drivers and operators have been trained on how to properly tow semi tractor-trailers. We know that tractor-trailers are more susceptible to further damage while being towed. This is why we provide extensive training to our drivers and operators. We want to get your heavy-duty vehicle transported without causing any further damage. We will use customizable hook up equipment to tow your vehicle safely to its destination. 


There are a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to buses. There are a variety of towing services for large vehicles. Only an experienced driver/operator with professional tools will be able to safely tow this large vehicle. Our heavy-duty tow trucks have the capability to safely get this vehicle towed. Besides using customizable hook up equipment, we will also outfit our trucks to fit the needs of your vehicle. With our combined experience and equipment, your bus will be towed away safely without experiencing any more damage. 

Straight Trucks 

With the size and shape of a straight truck, it can be very difficult trying to think of a way to get the vehicle towed after a breakdown or accident. That’s why you can leave your worries with us. We have the towing services for all straight trucks and have wheel lifts and under-reach capabilities so that your straight truck won’t experience any further damage. Our drivers and operators know what it takes to get your straight truck safely towed away to its destination. 

Need A Tow? 

Bullock’s Towing has been serving customers all over the Western U.S. for many years and we have decades of experience when it comes to towing services for very large vehicles. We can assure you friendly, quality, and efficient service so that you can get back on the road in no time. Our team of professionals want to lift some of that burden off of you and promise to treat your vehicle with care. If you want a heavy-duty towing services team you can trust, Bullock’s Towing is the team for you!  

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