Top 3 Questions to ask a Heavy Duty Towing Company

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While you can perform maintenance to help prevent a breakdown, it is not always avoidable. Unfortunately, when your bus, semi, tractor, or other heavy duty fleet vehicle breaks down on you, this disrupts your business. Luckily, a trustworthy heavy-duty towing company has the right equipment to tow you to your mechanic of choice.

Know what to look for when seeking a reliable and trustworthy towing company in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Find out if they are insured, have the right equipment, and what their fees are.

What to look for in a Heavy Duty Towing Comapny

  1. Insurance: When calling around for roadside assistance, ask about their insurance policy. Make sure your vehicle is protected should it experience any damage during transport. It is important that the towing company take responsibility for your vehicle by providing compensation should something happen to it.
  2. Towing Equipment: Make sure the heavy-duty towing company has the right equipment before towing your vehicle. For instance, a vehicle may require a secure flatbed for towing. If one is not used, this could cause damage to your fleet vehicle.
    Bullocks Towing has state of the art equipment including seven heavy-duty trucks, two tractors, two tilt/drop deck trailers, and two reefer trailers to safely transfer loads and store product.
  3. Pricing: The cost of heavy-duty towing services depends on several factors such as distance, weight, and road conditions. For these reasons, always ask ahead of time what the expected cost will be to avoid any surprises when you pick up the tab. Also, ask what forms of payment they accept.

If you are seeking a heavy-duty vehicle towing company, consider Bullocks Towing in Murray, UT. For more information, explore the internet. They also service Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Arizona 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for over 40 years.

Contact Bullocks Towing at (801) 531-9256 for immediate roadside assistance for your heavy duty vehicle.

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